New Series! 650,000 Hours

A digital series on travel, giving back, and making the most of our limited time on Earth. DEBUTING IN 2019!

650,000 Hours is based on a simple premise: The average human life lasts 650,000 hours. How will you spend yours? To answer that, host Ken Budd will journey across America on a wisdom-seeking road trip, meeting real-life who are transforming heroes who are transforming communities and changing lives, and who have must-know insights on maximizing our time on Earth.


Ken Budd is author of the award-winning memoir The Voluntourist, which share his unforgettable search for meaning as a volunteer in New Orleans, Costa Rica, China, Ecuador, Palestine, and Kenya. Critics have called The Voluntourist “extremely funny,” “deeply moving,” and “like Mother Teresa meets Groucho Marx.” Ken has appeared on such shows as NBC’s Today and CBS This Morning, and has written for The New York Times, National Geographic Traveler,, Smithsonian, The Washington Post, AARP The Magazine, and many more.

ABOUT “650,000 Hours”

In 2009, when Ken was volunteering in Ecuador, he met a British scientist named Ann. A few years before she became a globetrotting researcher, Ann had worked as an office manager for a government contractor. She’d always been interested in science, and then she read Bill Bryson’s book, A Short History of Nearly Everything. On page two, Bryson states that a long human life only lasts about 650,000 hours. That number shook her. One day she was in a meeting, and she looked around the room, and she thought (in a very English way): Why am I giving you lot one of my hours? So she went back to school, she studied ecology and wildlife conservation, and now here she was, romping around the rainforest, all because of that number—650,000 hours.


650,000 Hours is produced by Creative Strategies Media, Spark Media, and Buddster, LLC.


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