“If you’re a human being, Africa is a homecoming. We are all children of Africa. This is where mankind began.”

Tsavo national park certainly felt like the grassy home of our prehistoric ancestors. My wife and I worked in Kiembeni, outside of Mombasa—about a two-hour drive from Tsavo—at the Calvary Zion children’s home through UK-based organization Travellers Worldwide. The home’s inspirational founder, Jane Karigo, and hard-working “mothers” care for over 40 children. If you’d like to help the children of Calvary Zion, you can contribute to the Calvary Zion Children’s Home Support Trust. Founded by Susan Peattie, a Scottish woman who befriended Jane during a trip to Kenya, the Trust helps cover the home’s expenses. Money from The Voluntourist will be donated to the Trust in May, and will pay private school fees for eight of the home’s children.

Photo Gallery

My wife and I took these photos in Kenya, beginning here with our trip through Tsavo national park. You’ll then see shots of the Calvary Zion children’s home and the town of Kiembeni, followed by views of Mombasa (the wood doors are from Fort Jesus) and Diani Beach.