Special Deal! For Two Weeks, The Voluntourist E-Book Costs Just $1.99

For a limited time, Ken Budd’s award-winning memoir, The Voluntourist, is available as a $1.99 e-book. You’ll find the special price wherever e-books are sold, including:

Barnes & Noble
One More Page (Ken’s favorite Northern Virginia independent bookstore)

TMJA07D_VOLVAC_CLASSThe Voluntourist tells the story of Ken’s funny, moving, inspiring search for meaning following the sudden death of his father—and the realization that he’ll never be a father himself. In a quest to “live a life that matters,” Ken volunteers in New Orleans, Costa Rica, China, Ecuador, Palestine, and Kenya, with comic, poignant results. All of Ken’s earnings from the book are going back to the places and organizations where he volunteered.

Reviewers have called The Voluntourist “incredibly funny,” “deeply moving,” and—Ken’s favorite praise—“like Mother Teresa meets Groucho Marx.” In February, an essay based on the book’s China section won a gold prize in the North American Travel Journalists Association (NATJA) awards competition. The Voluntourist won silver in the 2012 NATJA awards and the 2013 Nautilus Book Awards.

You can follow Ken Budd on Facebook and Twitter: @VoluntouristKen.

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