Ban the Word “Can’t” from Your Vocabulary, Ken Says in Huffington Post Piece

Want to change your life? There’s a four-letter word (with one apostrophe) that you need to banish from your mind, Ken Budd writes in a new essay for Huff Post 50. The word: can’t. Reflecting on the recently resolved government shutdown, Ken notes: “Can’t is the word that shuts down our lives. It’s a road block word that stops new ideas and new adventures (as do its buzz-kill brothers—words like couldn’t, shouldn’t, won’t and don’t).”

In addition to this new piece, an adaptation of Ken’s memoir The Voluntourist appeared on Huff Post 50 in 2012, focusing on his experiences at a special needs school in China.

You can connect with Ken on Facebook and Twitter. Ken is donating his earnings from The Voluntourist to the organizations where he volunteered around the world.

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