The Voluntourist Provides Funds for Special Education School in China

Money from The Voluntourist will help create an operating fund to assist La La Shou, the special education school where Ken worked in Xi’an, China. Ken sent the first check today to Global Volunteers, the volunteer organization for his work at the school. “It sounds cornball,” Ken writes of La La Shou in The Voluntourist, “but there’s a lot of love in this school. And it’s not easy love. It’s the kind of love that tests your patience; the kind of love that tests your limits.” Government funding of services for disabled citizens in China is minimal, so the fund will help the school with some of its expenses. Ken and his wife are investing his book advance and any royalties in the organizations and places where he volunteered. To contribute to the La La Shou fund, contact Jennifer Scribner at 651-407-6104,

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